2017 CCLCC Convention minutes

We had our inaugural county convention, marking our transition to a county central committee structure, so as to be prepared for “established party” status.

Champaign County Libertarian Central Committee

County Convention

Sunday 16 April 2017, 6:30 PM CDT
Urbana, Illinois


  • Erik Brannon (City of Champaign 8)
  • Russ Clark (City of Champaign 34)
  • Chris Maden (Cunningham 12)
  • Anna Hickman (Mahomet 3)
  • John Nelson (Pesotum)
  • Edwin Everly (Rantoul 5)
  • John Patrykus (Urbana 4)


  • Sam Erickson (Raymond)


Final report of the Champaign County Libertarian Party

Maden reported that the final actions of the CCLP executive committee were to recruit and appoint the nine initial precinct committee representatives, of which one has since moved out of town, resigning his position.

The CCLP also declined to renew our adopt-a-highway sponsorship of Cunningham between Airport and Ford Harris. Three CCLP members attended the state convention last weekend in northern Illinois.

Nelson asked how many votes Libertarian candidates received in the county. Johnson received 4,547 for President; McMillen received 2,969 for Senator; and Ball received 3,343 for Comptroller.

Credentials report

Members of the county central committee have weighted votes based on state party membership resident in their precinct.

  • Brannon (C.C. 8): 4 members
  • Clark (C.C. 34): 1 member
  • Maden (Cun. 12): 2 members
  • Hickman (Mah. 3): 4 members
  • Nelson (Pes.): 2 members
  • Everly (Ran. 5): 2 members
  • Erickson (Ray.): 1 member
  • Patrykus (Urb. 4): 1 member

New business

Selection of acting chair and secretary

Maden volunteered to act as chair; there was no objection. Clark volunteered to act as secretary; there was no objection.

Adoption of agenda

The agenda was adopted without change.

Election of officers


Clark nominated himself. There were no other nominees. Without objection, he was elected by acclamation. Maden took over as acting secretary.

Vice Chair

Maden nominated himself. There were no other nominees. Without objection, he was elected by acclamation.


There were no nominees for Secretary. The election was tabled for a future meeting.


Hickman nominated herself. There were no other nominees. Without objection, she was elected by acclamation.

Appointment of any new committee members

There were no new committee members proposed or volunteering.

Appointment of pro tempore state committee representative and alternate

Patrykus nominated himself to serve as alternate. Everly nominated himself to serve as representative. There were no other nominees. Without objection, they were both elected by acclamation.

Appointment of committees


The Membership Committee is primarily responsible for keeping the records of state party memberhip current within Champaign County, and reporting the resulting credentials at committee meetings. The initial committee members are Clark, Hickman, and Maden; Erickson should probably be invited due to his campus connections.

Web/social media

The Web and Social Media Committee is responsible for our MailChimp list, Facebook page, Facebook group, Meetup group, and Yahoo! Group. They should also consider a public presence for the new committee and a venue for discussion of business by committee members between meetings, in view of the public. The initial committee members are Clark, Maden, and Patrykus.

Next meeting(s)

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 11 May at Riggs Brewing Company in Urbana. Clark will check on arranagements.

Public comment

No members of the public were present. The committee informally discussed promotion of statewide candidates.


The meeting adjourned around 8:15 PM CDT.